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Gracie Drive Away Cancer CarOriginally intended to raise money and support for cancer awareness, Drive Away Cancer has unexpectedly evolved into a rolling memorial for cancer victims and an inspiration to those fighting the disease.

Drive Away Cancer aimed to stop cancer in its tracks by taking to the backroads and highways to show people that cancer is only a speed bump rather than the end of the road.

Drive Away Cancer was the brainchild of a vintage racer described as “having the heart of a lion and the brains of a scarecrow” who wanted nothing more than to take a barely running sixty year-old British sports car and take it for a drive from coast to coast to coast to show that cancer can only slow but never stop someone with a mission and the drive to continue going.

But as the tired driver and even more tired car traveled across America, thousands inscribed the names of loved ones on its body to serve as a reminder of how personally cancer affects us all, while others taped pictures to the dash hoping to give those lost one last ride on the open road.

The car is now the perfect metaphor for people living with cancer. Imperfect but still alive and blessed with the memories of those loved – and lost.


You can help us Drive Away Cancer one mile at a time through your donations which help keep us on the road reaching out to the community or by inscribing the car with the name of a loved one at a local car show or event.

Whether volunteering by helping keep us on the road, participating in an actual driving event or making a donation, your support is greatly appreciated and needed.

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