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Coast to Coast


As each mile passed on the long road, it became clear that the trip was going to be much harder on the car and driver than possibly imagined.

Record heat, vicious thunderstorms and steep grades all threatened the drive’s success. Damaged, broken and struggling to survive, the car personified the battle fought every day by those living with cancer. For those watching the drive unfold (both in person and on social media), the uncertainty of what the next mile would bring or whether the plucky car and its stubborn driver could make it at all became high drama.

drive away cancer coast to coast

With each roadside repair, more and more people mobilized help from as far away as Australia, France, Canada and the Far East to keep the drive alive.

Over the course of 7241 miles, the car suffered through two gas fires, used over 250 quarts of oil and drove through rain, hail, thunderstorms and record heat – all without benefit of a top, windows or a functional windshield for protection. Seven roadside repairs and an on-the-fly engine rebuild saw the car through to the final goal – the main-stage at the Russo & Steele Auction in Monterey, California after nearly two weeks of virtually non-stop driving!


You can help us Drive Away Cancer one mile at a time through your donations which help keep us on the road reaching out to the community or by inscribing the car with the name of a loved one at a local car show or event.

Whether volunteering by helping keep us on the road, participating in an actual driving event or making a donation, your support is greatly appreciated and needed.

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