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WLTX New Article Drive Away Cancer

Lexington, SC (WLTX) - Word of one Lexington teen’s battle with a brain tumor has traveled to a man who has taken the fight against cancer on the road, and brought him to the Midlands for others to share their stories, pictures and signatures to his unique car.

“No top,” John Nikas explains of his car, “No heater, no air conditioning and no radio.”

But this 1953 Austin Healy, dubbed Grace, does have every name written on the outside pushing it and Nikas through their cross-country journey. “We had people start signing the names of people they knew with cancer,” Nikas says, “And we had like one and then three and then five. Now we have about 6,500 names on the car.”

Thirteen-year-old Kennedy Branham’s is the latest.

Nikas and Grace are driving away cancer - one mile, one signature and one story at a time. This journey is about raising awareness and hope. “It just means a lot that there’s other families. That we’re not by ourselves with the loss of one. You think that nobody understands, but obviously there’s hundreds and hundreds of people who do,” says Summer McKay, whose father passed away from cancer.

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You can help us Drive Away Cancer one mile at a time through your donations which help keep us on the road reaching out to the community or by inscribing the car with the name of a loved one at a local car show or event.

Whether volunteering by helping keep us on the road, participating in an actual driving event or making a donation, your support is greatly appreciated and needed.

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